Photo: Shehzad Noorani, White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Photo: Shehzad Noorani, White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Photo: Shehzad Noorani, White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Photo: Shehzad Noorani, White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Photo: Shehzad Noorani, White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Photo: WHO/P. Virot
DCI is an independent non-governmental organisation set up during the International Year of the Child (1979) to ensure on-going, practical, systematic and concerted international action specially directed towards promoting and protecting the rights of the child.
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Information sharing

One of the primary and most essential tasks of the INJJ is to gather information from partners and other sources and distribute this within the Network and to those concerned. We have developed several tools for that purpose.
        • Monthly E-mail Newsletter of the Network
          Since March 2001, the INJJ has started a monthly e-mail Newsletter for its partners and contacts. This Newsletter includes news from the INJJ secretariat in Geneva, UN news relating to juvenile justice, Publications, Events, News from the partners etc. The newsletter is also available in Spanish and French and is printed on the website.
        • The INJJ Website
        • The Partners' Database
          The Network maintains a database with a profile of each partner, describing their expertise, activities, region in which they operate, type of assistance they provide and where they can be reached. The database also contains information on initiatives aimed at implementing technical assistance or advisory services, including training, classified according to region and country. This information is collected through questionnaires.
        • The Bibliographical Database
          In 1999 the Network launched the Juvenile Justice Bibliographical Database. This Juvenile Justice Bibliographical Database has been developed from the existing bibliographical database of the DCI Documentation and Information Center. More than 1000 publications, articles and documents on juvenile justice can be consulted directly on the INJJ Website.
        • Juvenile Justice Worldwide
          The experience of partners is also shared through, Juvenile Justice Worldwide, the Magazine of the Network. Juvenile Justice Worldwide. This magazine was created to share experiences and expertise, both at the national, regional and international level on juvenile justice. It provides information on the outcome of juvenile justice conferences, new publications, training tools, web-sites and upcoming events. Juvenile Justice Worldwide is published twice per year. The publication of this magazine has been suspended until we are able to publish it again.
        • DCI Kit on International Standards relating to Juvenile Justice
          The DCI Kit was created in 1995 and contains international standards concerning the rights of the child and juvenile justice.

          It contains the key international documents in this area, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Guidelines for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (Riyadh Guidelines), the UN Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty (JDL's) and the UN Standards Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice (Beijing Rules).

          Each document is preceded by an explanatory introduction prepared by international experts on the subject. It is available in English, French and Spanish.

          The DCI Kit remains the most requested tool that DCI provides. Many organizations and individuals have requested the Kit for purposes such as using it as reference-material at conferences, during research and study, or for training personnel.

Advisory Services

The Network provides a personal advisory service, responding to requests for information on a whole range of different issues ranging from legal queries on existing national legislation and the age of criminal responsibility in a specific country, to enquiries of a more technical nature such as advice about preparing training programmes. The Network receives and satisfies, on a continuous basis, hundreds of requests for information and advice each year.

The Advisory Services of the Network are free of charge, except for mailing costs that exceed the reasonable. To use this service, please direct your request to:

E-mail address:
[email protected]
Postal address:
International Network on Juvenile Justice
Defence for Children International
1 Rue du Varembe, P.O. Box 88
CH- 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland
Fax number:
+ 41 22 740 11 45

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