International General Assembly

The International General Assembly (IGA) takes place every three years, and is always hosted by a DCI national section.  To date, IGAs have taken place in Haikko, Finland (1987), Granada, Spain (1992), Dakar, Senegal (1997), Mar del Plata, Argentina (2002) and Bethlehem, Palestine (2005).

In accordance with the decision taken in Bethlehem, Palestine in 2005, the next IGA will take place in Tirana, Albania in 2008.

The IGA steers the policy and priorities of DCI, establishes a united DCI position on key issues, and formulates guidelines for the activities of the International Secretariat. It elects the President, Treasurer, and members of the International Executive Council, for terms of three years, or until the next IGA.

Each IGA is usually preceded or followed by an international conference on children�s rights, which attracts representatives of other organisations, non-governmental and governmental, children�s rights experts, and members of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. The conference usually lasts for 2 to 3 days, and can comprise debates, roundtables, working seminars, as well as capacity building and training activities.  Given the movement�s current focus on Juvenile Justice at international level, it is clear that this will be the main focus of 2008�s International Conference.  More details about the 2008 IGA and International Conference will be posted on this page shortly. 

Declarations Adopted at the DCI International General Assembly: