Strategic Objectives 2006 - 2008


   To monitor and evaluate the practical implementation of children's rights according to universal standards

   To monitor and follow-up the work of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.   


   To advocate for children's rights so as to ensure that practices and policies concerning children respect the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, its optional protocols, and all other human rights instruments and follow the best interests of the child principle.

   To develop national and international strategies for interpellation and public denunciation of the infringements on the individual and collective rights of children.


   To foster awareness about, and solidarity towards the rights of children, children's rights initiatives, situations and issues throughout the world;

   To create forms of massive social and educational communication which promote debate and raise awareness among the public regarding the realities of childhood and adolescence, helping to generate public opinion.


   To seek and implement the most effective means of securing the protection of children�s rights in concrete situations, from both a preventive and curative standpoint.

   To implement projects and actions destined to protect the rights of children directly and effectively, specifically in those problematic areas not safeguarded by other organizations.

   To carry out follow-up activities to inspect the design and implementation of policies, laws and other provisions related to childhood.

   To guarantee that in the event that a child�s rights are threatened, restricted or violated, the affected child will have easy and immediate access to optimal mechanisms of protection, legal defence and safekeeping.


   To promote spaces in which children have the opportunity to act as protagonists in societies and communities, to participate in decision making processes which involve them, as well as to create decent lives for themselves.


   To approach the rights of children and adolescents from a development perspective, which implies a holistic approach that necessitates different levels of action: political, social, community and family-based and in collaboration with all stakeholders in the development of the child.

   To provide an institutional point of reference for local, national and international efforts oriented toward promoting, protecting, defending and developing the rights of all children, by influencing national and international legislation.