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Established in 2000


DCI Zimbabwe, formally New Hope Foundation Zimbabwe, is active since 2000 and became a DCI section in November 2010.
Defence for Children International Zimbabwe is based in Harare.
It can counts on a team of 7 people working on a full time and 5 on part-time basis and 250 community volunteers.
Its General Assembly is composed by 10 people with different expertise in the field of human rights, international cooperation, social activism and militancy.


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The general objective of DCI-Zimbabwe is to develop the human rights agenda in Zimbabwe, as it relates to children, by using a rights based approach to strengthen international child protection advocacy systems, policies and mechanisms which have been established, to provide services for children whose rights have been violated in Zimbabwe.

DCI-Zimbabwe operates for and with children carrying out initiatives for the protection and promotion of rights in the following areas:

  • Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation
  • Child Labour
  • Abuse and Trafficking
  • Human Rights,Children Rights and Democracy
  • Youth Development
  • Psycho-social support and Health,HIV&AIDS
  • CRC implementation monitoring and Harmonisation of·Local Laws against the International and Regional Instruments on Child Rights


Zimbabwe Team


  • Juvenile Justice Programs

DCI-Zimbabwe like its mother body DCI will have its main focus on reaching out to at-risk juveniles. One way to do that, is establishing programs that will give every child involved in crime and child labour a chance to return to normal life. The organisation model will offer programs and goals for communities to try and prevent juvenile delinquency and to efficiently rehabilitate youthful offenders. The prime focus in the DCI-Zimbabwe’s community-based interventions will be with juvenile offenders addressing their offending behaviour in ways that have been proven to be effective in reducing the risks associated with reoffending and to effectively supervise young offenders as they meet their legal obligations.To achieve this, services provided from juvenile justice community centres will include:



  • Court directed supervision of juvenile offenders placed on good behaviour bonds, probation, community service or parole orders
  • Support for young people with problems seeking bail or remanded in custody, including court ordered bail supervision
  • As an alternative to detention, the provision of community-based offending-focussed and developmental programs that specifically address risk factors linked to the individuals offending behaviour
  • Provision of specialised programs that deliver forensic and other psychological testing, assessment and interventions that include the Sex Offender Program and Violent Offender Program.
  • Casework management and extensive networking with government and community-based services to link juvenile offenders to the support services they need to stay out of trouble and comply with their legal orders.This will include the individual young offenders participation in specific offending-focussed or other type programs, finding accommodation, dealing with relationship difficulties, finding employment, developing employment skills, and supporting the young person's return to school.


  • Community rehabilitation and recreation centres

DCI –Zimbabwe would like to start community rehabilitation and recreation centres to be spread across the country. They will provide community-based crime prevention interventions for young offenders. All to be staffed by Juvenile Justice Officers and will also employ Alcohol and Other Drug Counsellors, specialist and generalist counsellors, program support officers and general administrative staff.Services to be provided from the agency's community rehabilitation and recreation centres include:

• Court directed supervision of juvenile offenders placed on good behaviour bonds, probation, community service or parole orders
• Prison visitation to asses conditions of Juveniles in custody
• Family counselling and psychosocial support.(Rehabilitation)
• Support for young people with problems seeking bail or remanded in custody
• The provision of counselling and developmental programs as an alternative to detention with a focus on alcohol and other drug abuse, generalist counselling, group work and living skills
• Specialist programs including a Sex Offender Program and Violent Offender Program.The above will be done as a way to stop the Juvenile offenders from committing crime once again



  • Hosting of The Global March Against Child Labour 2011






As an effort to promote education for all and raise awareness to eradicate child labour in Zimbabwe, DCI Zimbabwe hosted a physical march following up to The Global March Against Child Labour 2007. This march shall be used as a way of rebuilding the institution and promoting visibility among other players.




  • Ensure the implementation of the Convention of the rights of the child

To ensure that the general measures for implementing the Convention are taken seriously by governments, DCI Zimbabwe shall pursue a variety of strategies that include: mobilising support for change ( build broad alliances with organisations, mobilise the media...), lobbying governments directly, promoting implementation among institutions providing services to children and children participation, providing training on the Convention, etc.


  • Efforts to Decrease Youth Gang Violence

Working with churches provides training seminars to law enforcement and other officials to prevent the formation of gangs and eradicate or limit the amount of gang violence committed each year.
It prioritizes the recruitment of faith-based community members and representatives from small community organizations to provide alternative programs and activities for at risk juveniles.
It encourages “multiagency collaboration,” both in neighbourhoods and communities
It stresses the importance of partnering with the private sector. Community programs will help juveniles develop job-related skills allow them to focus on their future.


    Past funders

    DCI-Zimbabwe has worked with Scfuk, Oxfam GB, Help for Children UK, PSI and Global March Against Child Labour from India and Firelight Foundation.

    Current funders

    - Help for others USA
    - Switzerland Embassy·

    Establishment of a company: “New dimension”

     To be able to remain afloat and to raise funds to cover administrative costs and to ensure the continued implementation of socially oriented projects, DCI- Zimbabwe’s board of Trustees has agreed to establish a social enterprise to help fund operations. The company will be called New Dimension and is a profit oriented, registered, tax paying company. A part of the profit will be transferred to the running of DCI Zimbabwe.



    117 Harare Drive
    PO Box 10175, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    Updated on May 2012