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The Movement

Defence for Children International is an independent non-governmental organisation that has been promoting and protecting children’s rights on a global, regional, national and local level for 35 years.

Defence for Children International is represented through its national sections and associated members in 47* countries worldwide, and an International Secretariat based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Juvenile Justice

Defence for Children International believes that no child belongs behind bars. The deprivation of liberty should be used only as the very last resort in dealing with children in conflict with the law.

During its International General Assembly in 2008, Defence for Children International reaffirmed its longstanding commitment to juvenile justice as its priority issue at the international level.
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Position Statements

As an international human rights organisation, Defence for Children International works to raise awareness about child rights violations and advocate for governments and stakeholders at regional and international levels to take action to implement international child rights standards.

Click below to read Defence for Children International’s position statements on key child rights issues.
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How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay + 20 Great Topic Ideas

As a student, you'll encounter different types of essays in school. As you progress through your academic years, newer types will be introduced. One of them is the causal analysis essay. This essay involves relating an outcome to an occurrence and determining how they correlate. You must identify causes and effects and analyze their connection while giving details.

Writing a causal analysis essay might seem challenging, but they're essential in helping students develop their critical analysis strengths. It allows you to think outside the box and develop solid solutions to an issue using creative means. In this article, we will be discussing guides on writing an effective causal essay.

What is a causal essay?

Primarily, a causal essay is a cause-and-effect essay. It studies the causal relationship between two or more actions, events, and phenomena. It's investigative writing that tries to pinpoint any event's reasons or consequences.

How to start a causal analysis essay for college students

In every causal essay, one thing remains constant—consideration of the topic and structure of the essay. A causal essay has its peculiar structure, and following it helps to build your point, making it more apparent to readers. However, it can be challenging to realize how to start your causal essay. Follow this process each time you're writing one.

  1. Focus on the topic

Every causal essay begins with the writer being given a solid topic to ponder upon. Attention should be on the topic at hand; this will help you contemplate it and develop your points.

Always return to the given topic when it seems you're deviating. The essence of topics is to help structure the points of the writer. Also, depending on the causal topic you're working on, it might require you to choose a stance.

  1. Develop and organize points with paragraphs

For easy reading and understanding of your essay, stick to using paragraphs for breakdown. When your points are merged, it gives readers a hard time flowing with your essay. It also makes it difficult to derive meaning from what you've written.

Draft a causal analysis essay outline, and use it for highlighting and breaking down points. Then, fit those points into different paragraphs, starting from the most relevant points. Link all points

Writing a causal essay aims to help a reader make connections on a given topic. All sentences and paragraphs are to be linked to convey your final response. So, when writing, ensure you don't leave any careless links.

Linking is essential in essay writing; it's even more critical in causal essays because it's through this link the meaning and results are derived.

  1. Deal only with facts

The points you're developing in your essay should be based on facts. Causal essays are not imaginative writing. They require that the writer describes and links the correlation between two separate events using facts.

  1. Backup facts with evidence

When you've developed your points based on points, ensure you also give specific details backed up with solid evidence. Avoid being vague when making the connections; combine your facts with proven evidence to buttress all points.

Causal argument essay topics

A causal argument takes a stance. It focuses on how a phenomenon has caused or has resulted in some particular results. Causal argument essays are not interested in playing out all the cards or looking at complexities. Causal argument ideas aim to prioritize only the result of an event without complicating it. Here are some examples of causal analysis essay topic ideas.

Interesting causal analysis topics

  1. How is social media impacting the grades of school students?
  2. Why is cyberbullying a significant issue in today's society?
  3. How does the lack of work-based healthcare insurance impact low-income earners?
  4. How does technology impact human attention span?
  5. How are tech salaries impacting students' career paths today?
  6. How does misinformation on the internet affect knowledge?

Best causal argument essay topics

  1. Does social media have a substantial effect on political decisions?
  2. How does an internet ban infringe on freedom of speech?
  3. How did Covid-19 impact the global economy?
  4. How is the growth of cryptocurrencies impacting financial institutions?
  5. What are the positive aspects of social media activism?
  6. What are the consistent causes of fat shaming?
  7. What are the pros and cons of homework?
  8. Is going to college a sure path to success?
  9. Do school uniforms have a positive effect on students' social and academic performance?

Causal argument topics for college students

  1. What are the prevailing causes of climate change and global warming? How?
  2. Does community extend one's lifespan?
  3. Does Veganism Help society?
  4. How do eco-friendly activities help global warming?
  5. Does e-learning have better results than traditional learning?


Causal essays are essential for exploring various angles of a given topic. While they might seem complicated for students, following the listed tips will help you compose excellent essays.



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