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Established in 2005




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The Nigerian section was officially registered in Nigeria in 2005, with the Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja, and started operations in January 2008 in Lagos.

Defence for Children International Nigeria presently operates in Lagos state , south west nigeria.

The organization can actually counts on a team of five people: two full-time staff and three volunteers.

Its Board of Trustees is composed of eight persons with diverse expertise in the field of human rights, international cooperation, social activism and militancy.


Defence for Children Nigeria operates in Nigeria, for and with children, carrying out initiatives for the protection and promotion of rights in the following areas:

  • Juvenile Justice and child liberty
  • Access to education and Inclusive Education
  • Protection from abuse especially in children



  • Partnership with Stepping Stone Foundation on sensitization on child protection

The documentary “Saving Africa’s Witch Children” is a notable activity DCI Nigeria engaged in in the last four years. With the screening of the documentary in December 2008, DCI Nigeria, in partnership with Stepping Stone Foundation, was able to generate attention around the sad plight of children who have no sufficient access to the justice system. This sensitization on child protection gave a boost to the domestication of the Child Right Act 2003 of the federal government of Nigeria into a state law, by the Akwa Ibom State Government , South Nigeria. To see the documentary “Saving Africa’s Witch Children”:

  • Promotion of access to education for all
Since 2010, DCI-Nigeria is working to ensure it stamps its mark in the area of access to education for all. Presently, the staff of the organisation has very cordial working relationship with several organisations, within networks, so as to ensure that all children get access to qualitative education. Currently enjoying the support of the Lagos State Government as well as the support received through a partnership funded by Department for International Development (DfID) from the United Kingdom Agency for Aids(UKAID), the section has strengthened community / school relationship through the School Based Management Committees (SBMC) model. The Committee established by the Federal Government of Nigeria is intended to support the schools through resource mobilization and working closely with school managers to provide better learning environment for the children.
To ensure that all children are adequately brought into the school system, the section has been working together with the Lagos State Civil Society Organisation Partnership (LACSOP) to advocate for increased budget allocation to education as well as budget tracking and monitoring of funds. This has helped to create better management of resources allocated to education in Lagos State.
The section is also very keen to ensure that children who are excluded in the schools are brought back through its advocacy campaign on inclusive education. In spite of the extant legal frameworks and Nigeria’s ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC), the Child Right Acts (CRA) 2003 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and all other child rights instruments and optional protocols, there is still systematic abuse of young people. The economic situation has worsened and many families are fighting to survive. DCI Nigeria is thus dedicated to ensuring that the best way to guaranteeing child liberty will be through enlightenment and education for the citizens.
DCI_NIGERIA_capacity_building_for_school DCI_NIGERIA_sentizitation_children_abuse_on_school
right picture: DCI Nigeria has provided capacity building for communities to ensure that they are able to support education at the grassroots as indicated above.
left picture: sensitization of children on abuse and preventive mechanism has been a regular feature of DCI Nigerias activities for Schools.


  • Sensitization efforts to reduce tension in communities
Community forums
DCI Nigeria has strong community presence in two local governments in Lagos. Particularly in Apapa Local government where more and more children are coming in contact with the civil authorities for crimes. The section has tried to support the community to identify ways to manage the spate of violence among students. Many of young people are are coming in contact with the law and have often been left with no option but to face the law with minimal legal support. DCI Nigeria has led and continues to lead sensitization efforts to reduce tension in volatile communities in Lagos.
In addition, DCI Nigeria tries to ensure community participation get interested in school activites and children issues by establishing Community forums which are well established platforms.


  • Trainings and workshops
CSO assessment
DCI Nigeria has participated actively through its team in several trainings that have been useful for work at the various communities within the local governments we are actively engaged with. It has equally organised trainings for community members on child protection, child participation, relationship management, inclusive education, as well as change management. The Nigerian section has also engaged the media through several meetings and press releases.
In the last three years, it has been actively involved in the celebration of the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse and has often taken this seriously though sensitization workshops organised for all stakeholders. To further encourage communities to be part of the development process for childrens education, the section partnered with the Apapa Local Government Education Authority to present community theater which is expected to be showcased in other local governments within the country.



The section presently gets funding from:

  • Its board of trustees
  • An education programme supported by the Department for International Development (DfID) through the Education Sector Support Programme In Nigeria (ESSPIN)



Contact Person: Mr IGHODARO Jephthah Ayodeji


 81b Lafiaji Way,
Off Corporation Drive
Dolphin Estate
Ikoyi Lagos

Phone: +234 1 213 1776/1 213 1401
(0)802 810 8980
(0) 802 567 1019
(0)805 566 5309

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Updated on June 2012