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The Netherlands

Project ‘Vote for Rooted Children’


"In recent years the position of undocumented children in the Netherlands has been complicated, due to a severe migration policy. In anticipation of the elections in September 2012 we started a campaign in the summer to mobilize politicians, political parties and the general public to support a law that would make it possible for children that already live more than five years in the Netherlands to get a residence permit. 

DCI-The Netherlands                     

We asked politicians and everybody else to ‘Vote for Rooted Children’. A website, posters based on the campaign posters of the different parties, but then relating to the fact that it’s about children that are ‘rooted’ in Dutch society, evoked a lot of support. The campaign was a success and after the elections there was a majority in the Parliament to support the temporary regulation and the law that would be formalized later on. End of 2012 the regulation and law seemed to turn out more strict than expected and a lot of children would not be able to profit from the new regulations. New action has been taken and we are confident that in the final proposals the rights of children will be respected."

                                                                            -    Defence for Children International-the Netherlands


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